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October 29, 2004

For more information contact:

Pam Perd
Director of Public Relations

Alice Meaker (aka “Iona Bigga Yacht”)
Director of Field Operations
917.406.3945 / 845.687.2058


Billionaires for Bush Blanket the Battleground with 100 Chapters Nationwide

National Campaign Captures Hawaii, Honolulu for 100th Chapter

New York, NY, October 29, 2004 — Billionaires for Bush (B4B), activists for the corporate elite, today announced the formation of their 100th chapter.

Across the nation, Billionaires for Bush have stepped out of the board rooms and out from behind closed limo doors to celebrate the huge economic gains President Bush has delivered to the top 1% at the expense of ordinary Americans. A complete list of chapters can be viewed at

While B4B firmly believe that the super-rich have already bought the presidency, the Billionaires have hedged their bets this year and concentrated their efforts in the battleground states. With three major “Get on the Limo” tours spanning across18 states, the Billionaires have established chapters in all the critical battlegrounds. Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida each have over six chapters.

Signaling their innate confidence and bravado, in the final days of the presidential campaign, the Billionaires have moved aggressively to re-capture Hawaii, a state that has been strongly pro-Kerry throughout the campaign season. Having added Honolulu as their 100th chapter, the Billionaires claim full credit for Bush’s recent lead in the polls there.

The chapters seek to educate voters about their economic winnings through visibility events such as “Thank You Rallies” when the Bush/Cheney campaign comes to town. In October, the Billionaires launched their Block the Vote campaign to celebrate the Republican-led voter suppression efforts underway in Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and other battleground states.

About Billionaires for Bush

Billionaires for Bush is a do-it-yourself media campaign using humor and street theater to expose politicians who support the corporate elite at the expense of everyday Americans. Billionaires for Bush is organized as an independent 527 committee, with headquarters in NYC and 100 chapters nationwide. For more information, please see




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