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June 19, 2004

Billionaires for Bush is calling for a National Day of Action to protect our drug and insurance profits from the public-interest-mongers of the nation’s largest health care workers union. They seek to "Bridge the Healthcare Gap" by holding walks across bridges in cities nationwide.

We are responding with a call to Widen the Healthcare Gap. Affordable healthcare threatens the health of our bottom line. It is a looming scourge that must be stopped!

Take Action!

Join like-minded billionaires from your area on June 19th (in formal attire, of course). Show your well-heeled support for President Bush’s commitment to Widen the Healthcare Gap.

Find out if the public interest mongers with Americans for Health Care are crossing a bridge near you. Contact your local chapter or organize your own counter-demonstration! Rally to widen the gap regardless of whether those health care nuts are gathering in your fine city.

Use our new online meeting tool to host an action in your area so other Billionaires can find you, or plug in your zip code to see if an action is already planned near you.

Below you'll find all the info and materials you need to create an outstanding event.

$ Signs
$ Fliers
$ Chants, slogans & talking points
$ Sample media advisory

Background Info

First, the good news. Healthcare is a $1.4 trillion industry. Huzzah!

Now, the better news: health care premiums and profits are at a record high, and George Bush is making sure they'll stay that way.

Insurance deductibles have increased by over 50 percent, and spending on prescription drugs has doubled over the past five years. Premiums are rising four times faster than earnings. The average family is paying $2700 more than they did only four years ago.¹ This added cost is ten times more than the average middle-class family's tax cut delivered by George Bush's tax packages.²

George W. Bush: The Answer to Billionaires' Healthcare Woes

President Bush's plan prohibits Medicare from negotiating with drug companies for lower prices on behalf of taxpayers. No more inconvenient "good faith" bargaining practices. Under President Bush, HMOs and drug makers charge whatever they want to and the public has no choice but to pay. Where else are people going to buy their medicines? Canada?

To take care of Billionaires (particularly those who own hospitals, drug and insurance companies), George Bush is making veterans sacrifice even more; not just on the battlefield, but on the healthcare front. He's already closed veterans' hospitals, but he's not stopping there. President Bush's 2005 budget will double veterans' prescription drug co-payments. Best yet, it includes a $2.6 billion shortfall in veteran's healthcare funding.³ That's $2.6 billion more for our tax cuts!

Uninsured Americans are starting to organize against our bottom line. They're holding rallies nationwide on June 19 to "Bridge the Gap for Health Care". Remind President Bush that the public interest has no place in politics. Wealth is Health! Protect our Profits! All for us and None for All!! Huzzah!

1. Center on Budget & Policy Priorities
2. Jon Gabel and Jeremy Pickreign, "Risky Business," Commonwealth Fund Issue Brief, April 2004
3. AMVETS Release, 2/3/04; VFW Release, 2/2/04



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