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Our Candidate: Why We Love George

George W. Bush is more than the perfect puppet Reagan was; he's truly one of us. We don't have to convince him of the benefits of helping out the rich and powerful — he's known them all his life. Billionaires bought him the education his brains couldn't — Andover, Yale, Harvard — then bailed out his failed business ventures, and paid his way into politics. As a result, George is as dedicated to realising our vision for America as we are!

Tax Cuts, the Deficit and Destroying Public Services

We love Georgeís tax cuts. They gave $50,000+ to everyone making over $1 million and just $350 each to 80% of Americaís families! By 2010, they will increase to $85,000 for the richest among us, and disappear for some of the less wealthy! George has managed to keep the masses content with their paltry returns , while we get permanent cuts in six figures! Letís look at the bottom line: over the next 10 years, the richest 1% of Americans will get a $500,000 care package from OUR president, for a total of $1.1 trillion! And thatís just to individuals; it doesnít include what heís giving to our corporations.

Now there are some, even among billionaires, who criticize Georgeís fiscal policy as dangerous. They say you canít cut taxes during a war and a recession, and simultaneously massively increase spending on weaponry and corporate subsidies in the Medicare and energy bills. They point to our huge deficit and massive future debt. But these people miss the point. We have nothing to fear from debt and deficit — itís all owed to us! The government has borrowed money from us to give back to us in tax cuts and subsidies, and now it will be the joe-taxpayer who will owe us big for the next 30 years. The icing on the cake — we can now use the debt and deficit to justify slashing spending on social security, health care and all those other terrible New Deal programs that put people before corporations. George Bush has the most visionary economic policy we could draft up for him.

Investment: $200 million to Bush's 2000 election campaign
Return: $1.1 trillion in tax cuts
Percent Return: 550,000%

Medicare and Pharmaceuticals

The health of Americans is important to us. In fact, it's worth about $1.6 trillion a year! And now George is helping us make even more money from this booming business. He's protecting our profits by barring cheaper drugs from abroad, while his new Medicare bill guarantees that the government can't negotiate bulk drug prices from our companies. Read more...

Investment: $44 million in Drug Company donations to Republicans since 2000
Return: $139 billion in additional Drug Company profits over 8 years
Percent Return: 315,900%

Defense Contracting

Most Presidents keep our Defense Contractors happy, but George is special. He's increased the defence budget, turned over lucrative government services to our companies and topped it all by destroying Iraq with our most expensive bombs and then paying us to re-build it! So while America gets more wars, less money for social programs, families and the future, we get $250 billion! Read more...

Investment: $23.5 million in Defense Contractors' donations since 2000 to Republicans
Return: Approximately $251 billion
Percent Return: 1,068,000%


George is an oil man, Cheney is an oil man. We're all oil men! From Kyoto to Iraq, George has ensured that whether it's global warming or global peace, our profits come first. He even let us write his new energy bill and give ourselves $30 billion of your money in new subsidies. Read more...

Investment: $108 million from Oil Companies since 2000 to Republicans
Return: $30 billion
Percent Return: 27,778%

Workers' Overtime Coverage

Overtime pay may keep millions of families afloat, but it sure costs us a lot of money! That's why George has fought the whining public and the Congress to remove 8 million workers' right to overtime pay, potentially saving us $1.9billion a year, forever! Read more...

Investment: $6 million from Business Associations since 2000 to Republicans
Return: $1.9 billion per year forever
Percent Return: 31,667% per year

Media Consolidation

George knows the value of having media that'll make him look good, and we know the value of controlling what you think (and of making $billions doing it). Again, George has stood alone against a public outcry, a bi-partisan Congress and the foundations of America's democracy to ensure that our mega-media corporations can get even bigger. Read more...

Investment: $25.7 million from media corps to Republicans since 2000
Return: Control over what every American thinks and buys — priceless


Once, governments fought to protect your health and preserve the environment for your children. Maybe they just didn't appreciate how much money could be made? But George does. He's undone decades of terrible, anti-Billionaire policies and fought hard for our rights to make billions polluting the air, endangering health and wrecking the natural world. Read more...

Iraq War

For years our "Bomb the Arabs and Steal Their Oil!" bumper sticker has gone unheeded. That is, until George came along. The Middle East has been a constant irritation to us Billionaires for decades. Finally we've gone in and taken control. WMD, human rights, whatever. We've got the oil and that means serious money. Dead US soldiers, dead Iraqis, enraged Muslim world, increased terrorist threats? As long as our profit margins are healthy, we'll make it through. Read more...



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