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Our Candidate: Why We Love George

George W. Bush is more than the perfect puppet Reagan was; he's truly one of us. We don't have to convince him of the benefits of helping out the rich and powerful — he's known them all his life. Billionaires bought him the education his brains couldn't — Andover, Yale, Harvard — then bailed out his failed business ventures, and paid his way into politics. As a result, George is as dedicated to realising our vision for America as we are!

Tax Cuts, the Deficit and Destroying Public Services

We love George's tax cuts! They mean trillions for us and tidbits for everyone else. Better still, they've left Americans with a crippling debt that their children will be paying back to us (guess who loaned Bush the money for a tax cut?!) for years to come while the Government slashes social security, education and health care to avoid going bankrupt. Read more...

Investment: $200 million to Bush's 2000 election campaign
Return: $1.1 trillion in tax cuts
Percent Return: 550,000%

Medicare and Pharmaceuticals

The health of Americans is important to us. In fact, it's worth about $1.6 trillion a year! And now George is helping us make even more money from this booming business. He's protecting our profits by barring cheaper drugs from abroad, while his new Medicare bill guarantees that the government can't negotiate bulk drug prices from our companies. Read more...

Investment: $44 million in Drug Company donations to Republicans since 2000
Return: $139 billion in additional Drug Company profits over 8 years
Percent Return: 315,900%

Defense Contracting

Most Presidents keep our Defense Contractors happy, but George is special. He's increased the defence budget, turned over lucrative government services to our companies and topped it all by destroying Iraq with our most expensive bombs and then paying us to re-build it! So while America gets more wars, less money for social programs, families and the future, we get $250 billion! Read more...

Investment: $23.5 million in Defense Contractors' donations since 2000 to Republicans
Return: Approximately $251 billion
Percent Return: 1,068,000%


George is an oil man, Cheney is an oil man. We're all oil men! From Kyoto to Iraq, George has ensured that whether it's global warming or global peace, our profits come first. He even let us write his new energy bill and give ourselves $30 billion of your money in new subsidies. Read more...

Investment: $108 million from Oil Companies since 2000 to Republicans
Return: $30 billion
Percent Return: 27,778%

Workers' Overtime Coverage

Overtime pay may keep millions of families afloat, but it sure costs us a lot of money! That's why George has fought the whining public and the Congress to remove 8 million workers' right to overtime pay, potentially saving us $1.9billion a year, forever! Read more...

Investment: $6 million from Business Associations since 2000 to Republicans
Return: $1.9 billion per year forever
Percent Return: 31,667% per year

Media Consolidation

George knows the value of having media that'll make him look good, and we know the value of controlling what you think (and of making $billions doing it). Again, George has stood alone against a public outcry, a bi-partisan Congress and the foundations of America's democracy to ensure that our mega-media corporations can get even bigger. Read more...

Investment: $25.7 million from media corps to Republicans since 2000
Return: Control over what every American thinks and buys — priceless


Once, governments fought to protect your health and preserve the environment for your children. Maybe they just didn't appreciate how much money could be made? But George does. He's undone decades of terrible, anti-Billionaire policies and fought hard for our rights to make billions polluting the air, endangering health and wrecking the natural world.

Time and again, our man George has made the Billionairesí choices - corporate profits over public health.

Take the Clear Skies Initiative, submitted to Congress in February 2003. Ingeniously employing a name that sounds "environmental," the Clear Skies Initiative would actually eviscerate the Clean Air Act by allowing power plants to emit far greater quantities of sulfur, mercury and nitrogen pollution than they are currently able to. Sure, kids would get asthma, adults would have higher risks of lung cancer and women with elevated mercury levels would give birth to children with neurological impairments. However, the owners of these power plants — thatís us! — would come away with billions upon billions of dollars. We can almost taste the money pouring in already!

In the old days, the role of government was to stop polluters in order to protect the health of the people. Our president has the courage to stand up and fight for pollutersí rights. Under Bushís tenure, the Environmental Protection Agency has dropped sixty-two environmental standards enacted by previous Administrations to protect the public health. As a result of the Administrationís refusal to enforce environmental protection laws against its wealthy campaign contributors (thatís you and me!), the EPA's two most senior enforcement officials resigned after decades of work. But Bush wonít stop at rollbacks. He even suppresses evidence that the public is being poisoned by its policies. For example, the Administration suppressed an EPA finding that mercury was poisoning millions of Americans — especially children. Such principled courage is rare in the modern White House.

Nowhere was President Bushís devotion to corporate profits over public health more evident than in our dear friend Dick Cheneyís secret Energy Policy Task Force. The Vice President met with some of the nationís biggest polluters and their lobbyists to construct an energy policy that would reward Republican campaign contributors in the oil, coal, electric-utility and nuclear industries. The result of these closed-door meetings? Policies that will hopefully open protected areas of the East and West coast, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and areas around Yellowstone Park to oil and gas drilling. Meanwhile, the Task Force resulted in the gutting of research into alternative energy sources and efficient energy use. Some members of Congress insisted the President reveal the names of the members of this Task Force. When the White House had the strong ethics to refuse, the non-partisan General Accounting Office took the unprecedented step of suing the Executive Branch to force them to release the names. But despite the pressure, Bush and Cheney held firm to their principles. Even when a United States District Judge ordered the Administration to release its Task Force records, the Administration censored materials that would point a finger at corporate lobbyists. They have implemented our agenda from start to finish, protecting our identities all the while. Now thatís loyalty.

Billionaires for Bush salutes the President for taking a stand against those who would place public health ahead of corporate profit.

Iraq War

For years our "Bomb the Arabs and Steal Their Oil!" bumper sticker has gone unheeded. That is, until George came along. The Middle East has been a constant irritation to us Billionaires for decades. Finally we've gone in and taken control. WMD, human rights, whatever. We've got the oil and that means serious money. Dead US soldiers, dead Iraqis, enraged Muslim world, increased terrorist threats? As long as our profit margins are healthy, we'll make it through. Read more...



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